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about us
About Us
What is CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a weekly subscription program where subscribers purchase a share of the produce grown on a local farm.
You purchase a share at the beginning of the growing season and receive your choice of fresh seasonal produce from June to November. At Red Earth Farm, we pack your weekly order and deliver it to a pick-up site convenient to your home or work. You will also have the opportunity to purchase other fresh farm products such as eggs, cheese, yogurt, and honey that we bring to you from neighboring farms.
About Our Growing Methods
Our top priority at Red Earth Farm is to produce a large diversity of quality vegetables thoughout the growing season. We wish to do this while remaining good stewards of our land so that we may pass it on to future generations in better condition than we received it.
Our farm practices reflect these two objectives. Although we are not certified organic we use primarily certified organic techniques, making exceptions in cases such as potential significant crop loss, as in tomato blight. We use no synthetic pesticides or herbicides on our farm. We hope that by conscientious and thoughtful management of our farm we will be bringing fresh, dependable food to the people of our region for many years to come.
Why CSA?
CSA provides the opportunity to experience local foods as they come into season. Each vegetable, fruit and herb that comes to your table is at its peak of flavor and nutritional value. Seasonal foods bring a natural variation to the diet and establishes a rhythm in our eating habits.
Supporting a local farm makes a contribution to keeping our environment greener by reducing transportation of foods by as much as 1000 miles.
Newsletters from the farm include information about nutrition, our growing practices, recipes and updates on upcoming events
“We are so grateful for the amazingly beautiful produce you have diligently delivered to us for so many weeks. Our kids have never eaten so much of their vegetables or fruit. Our life has felt plentiful thanks to you.” D.D., Philadelphia
Share Offerings
Full price for shares is shown. Renewal and early registration discounts may apply. Purchase of a main share or partial share is required to purchase other shares.
2016 Main Season
Full Share
Select 10 items weekly for 15 weeks, at this prorated price. For example, one item might be any of the following: a large head of lettuce, a quart of tomatoes, a pint of sungold cherry tomatoes, 3-4 eggplant, or 3-4 large bell peppers. This share is designed to feed a family of four, or a couple who eat a LOT of veggies. If you plan to "split" this share with a friend, be aware each share has only one account name and ordering takes place under that name. Also be aware that during the season, depending on availability, certain items may be difficult to split into two equal parts.
Partial Share
Prorated price for 15 weeks. This share is designed for couples, or small families. Item selection and size vary during the season, for example: 1 head lettuce, 1 quart potatoes, 1 bag beans, etc.
Extras Purchases
Allows member to order extra items during the season. The cost is a deposit to be used for purchases or refunded at the season's end if unused.
Artisan Cheese Share
Farmstead and Artisan cheeses hand made by Hillacres Pride, Peach Bottom, PA. 10 biweekly deliveries of 2 cheeses from a variety including 7 varieties of cheddar, colby, Susquehanna (our favorite), ricotta, mozarella, Fulton's Clermont and more. No hot jack or horseradish cheddar (available through the buyong club). Made from the milk of Registered Jersey cows pastured on lush green pastures from April through October. Winter fed on hay and silage harvested from farm during the summer. No bovine growth hormone, therapeutic antibiotics or growth hormones. Beautiful creamy golden color to these cheeses.
Egg Share
One dozen farm fresh free-range eggs delivered biweekly beginning on the first week of delivery for 10 weeks (for a total of 10 dozen)
Flower Share
Enjoy a generous sized bouquet of specialty flowers each week for 10 weeks. Brilliant colors, classic flowers - all grown on the farm without the use of chemical sprays. See pictures on our Facebook page.
Fruit Share
A selection of local seasonal TREE fruit delivered biweekly from Mid-July through October: enjoy a selection of apricots, peaches, pears, apples, cider grown with integrated pest management techniques. Delivered biweekly beginning Mid-July for 9 deliveries. This share no longer includes June deliveries which means NO early berries, including strawberries.
Yogurt/Kefir Share
Yogurt and kefir made fresh by Wholesome Dairy Farms, PLLC in Yellow House. PA.
Enjoy 1 quart of yogurt made from unprocessed milk from their own grass fed dairy herd - plain, vanilla, and more NEW flavors! Cream on top. 1/2 pint of Greek yogurt (plain, vanilla, honey flavors) as well as 1 pint of kefir (vanilla, honey, harvest spice and plain) are included in the share. Deliveries are every other week for 10 deliveries.
Visit their website at www.wholesomedairyfarms.com
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