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June 11, 2016
Seasonal Eating
Take the Challenge
By now our veteran members are quite familiar with the concept of eating seasonally, but for newer members, the CSA might be their first real experience with it. The concept is simple: when each crop is ripe, we harvest it and send it to you. Some crops take months to ripen, like winter squash, and some only do well in the cooler part of June, like arugula, radishes and spinach. We do not offer some items like asparagus, because the height of the asparagus harvest is in May, before the CSA (except now that we offer a Spring Share we are planting asparagus!)
The Main season kicks off with LOTS of green stuff. The cooler weather lends a sweetness and delicacy to the salad greens and cooking greens alike. Enjoy them now, for when the weather gets hotter, they grow slightly less tender and acquire a more bitter flavor. Indulge in the health benefits the green antioxidants afford, and know that before you know it you box will be awash with tomatoes, beans and potatoes.
We think trying new vegetables and eating seasonally broadens your palate and exposes you to more nutrients. The flavors of what is fresh far out-compete out of season produce from the grocery store.
Ready to accept the challenge? Pick a vegetable that is either new to you, or that you think you do not like. Prepare it, take a picture and post it on Facebook or Instagram. Then eat it! Each week try a new vegetable. This will broaden your palate, and possibly offer new nutrients that your body needs. I love that my CSA box begs me to eat more vegetables than I would otherwise. While many foods end up on some sort of taboo list from time to time, gluten, sugar, alcohol, dairy, meat, for example, one dietary piece of advice seems to stand the test of time: eat more vegetables.
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June 5, 2016
Calling All Veggie Eaters!
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
If you have been thinking about joining a CSA NOW is the time to jump! Red Earth Farm starts this week and we would be happy to feed you this season. Why Red Earth Farm? Our members get special privileges, such as weekly online ordering. Wouldn't you like to pick each week what we pack into your box? They can also purchase extra produce, flowers and local goodies such as Saffron Cardamom Marmalade by Eat This, or Feta from Hillacres Pride and Greek Yogurt by Wholesome Dairy. We offer 2 share sizes designed for 2-4 people, as well as fruit, egg, artisan cheese, yogurt and flower shares.
What could be better? Our produce is guaranteed fresh, replacements or money back, and is often picked the day before it arrives at your location. Recently endorsed by Whole Foods, one of their produce buyers raved, "Your stuff beats beer!"
So if you are trying to cut back on beer, you might try eating a box of Red Earth veggies each week. A great way to encourage yourself to eat more vegetables is to make a weekly goal: finish your box before the next one. Almost all of us could stand to squeeze a few more vegetables into our diet and what better way than to eat the kind that taste better than beer?
Reading this after the first week of the CSA? Contact us about prorating your share. We accept members on a rolling basis throughout the season. We are happy to feed you!
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