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November 4, 2016
Seasonal Reflections
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
Fall color is spectacular on Hawk Mountain, just a few miles from the farm.
The Main Season now over, the time has come for the Farmer and his Wife to kick back their heels, and act like bumps on a log. Oh wait, we are still feeding half of you through November! Okay, okay, we will keep at it until the Winter Solstice. After that? We will take a breather over the holidays. If you have any suggestions for good Farmer/Farmer's Wife movies, pass them along. I am planning a good snuggle-movie fest once the Farmer sits down.
The crew popped the cork on a jug of apple cider after the final big Main Season pack yesterday (one small West Chester pack today). The final day of the Main Season always feels like a moment of accomplishment. The summer pace tends to be grueling and can wear on the most idealistic and optimistic crew member. The satisfaction of reaching the finish line is unbeatable. The extended Fall Share will keep many hands busy, but the atmosphere changes as seeding, planting and weeding pressures fade into summer memories. Sweltering harvests transform into invigorating chilly ones and sunscreen is traded for woolen hats.
We are thrilled that 50% of our membership is participating in the extended Fall Season - our best enrollment ever. For those of you that joined the Spring share, your plate will have been full of Red Earth goodies for 33 weeks of the year by the end of the Fall share. If you would still like to join, now's the time as we will be closing membership Sunday, 5pm.
We are always grateful for our loyal veggie eaters. Stay tuned for updates about the 2017 season. Early registration will open in December. And we have gift certificates of any amount available for gift-givers who want to share the next season's bounty.
Stay healthy and happy this winter...and keep eating those veggies!
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