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March 14, 2015
Spring Has Sprung!
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
Our four year old leapt from the car yesterday, abandoned her boots and sunk her toes into the muddy grass. I couldn’t blame her. Tempted to do the same, I sniffed the air instead. A flood of childhood memories never fails to inspire me each Spring. The smells and sounds of awakening life have the same effect on my heart. What a relief!
The Farmer had planned to build a “gutter-connect” hoop house this week, but with persistent snow, combined with copious amounts of slippery mud, he abandoned the plan.
He will try again next Friday. What is a gutter-connect? Picture a greenhouse made of giant hoops, like a long tunnel. Now picture three of them snug up against each other. Finally remove the walls between them and you have it. This will cover a good portion of ground, allowing for early planting of salad and other cool-loving crops. What does it mean for you? Potentially, we will be able to offer a small early Spring CSA, for those of you who can’t bear to wait until June. We will keep you posted if that possibility becomes real for this year. Otherwise, you will have to wait.
Every winter, we try to use as many of our own vegetables as possible. We have become veggie snobs, and grocery store produce in this year doesn't provide the same satisfaction to our palates as the fresh harvest from the farm. Late winter challenges this resolve. Lately we have been enjoying baby arugula salads, baby arugula omelets and baby arugula smoothies. Okay that last item is only enjoyed by the Farmer’s Wife (see recipe below). The arugula this time of year is perfectly sweet and mild. The kids, who mid summer turn up their noses at the pungent flavor, eat it happily this time of year. The Farmer also recently brought home a bunch of young Red Russian Kale, a treat you should all be jealous of!
We have a tentative date for a Meet the Farmer (and his Wife) Dinner at Agno Grill at 2104 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Mark your calendars for May 17th. We will be in touch with confirmation details and ticket prices soon. We look forward to the opportunity to meet as many of you as possible this year! Even if you cannot make it to any of our Farm events this season, we will be making an extra effort to regularly post pictures here and on Facebook, as well as send regular updates about what’s happening on “your” Farm.
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