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September 10, 2015
Teamed Up
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
A decade ago on this day, the Farmer married one of his CSA members; that was me. A full moon rose in the late afternoon and smiled at the beautiful ceremony set right in the middle of a hillside. I am sure some guests were too hot, and others got restless during the longer speeches, but I remember the sweet smell of the dry meadow grass, the intensity of the blue sky over us and the feeling of love and joy radiating at us from the friends that surrounded us.
Reflecting on our journey over the past ten years, I am struck by the value our partnership brings to Red Earth Farm. Truly, the farm is like one of our off-spring, unruly, temperamental, worrisome and at times, deeply rewarding. Together we have raised this "terrestrial" child through ups and downs, comparable to the trials and tribulations we have endured as parents of "real" children.
I remember pack days in the early years of our marriage. In those days a good portion of our crew lived with us which made it easy to work extra long days. We harvested all day and then packed our boxes in the afternoon...or evening...or night. We played raucous music and laughed and tried to stay awake as we tried to pack each box accurately. Needless to say, we made lots of mistakes.
In fact, the one lesson we have learned about farming...and about parenting.. and about being married is that all three of these processes are a set up for making mistakes. We've become quite skilled at making mistakes, rolling with the punches and then making it up as gracefully as possible.
Accepting mistakes, forgiving each other, trusting that we each are trying our best to do our best combined with lots of cuddling are the essential ingredients in the first decade of our marital happiness. I will let you know how the next one turns out!
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