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December 8, 2016
Solstice Reflections
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
We awoke to a child-like surprise this morning: snow! Even though our practical minds quickly assess matters such as the impact of harvesting in such weather, the magic of its beauty never escapes us.
Living a life connected to the outdoors truly does have a soul-satisfying effect on one’s psyche. We know our surroundings intimately. We know dirt. In the height of the summer, the tiny cracks in our hands and feet are dyed the color of earth. Our laundry if full of dirt, plant stains and plant debris. Even the Farmer’s side of the bed takes on a hue of nature. The land becomes part of who he is when seven days out of seven he is outside.
When the summer’s heat abates, so does the quantity of dirt that enters our house. Instead, leaves and hitchhiker seeds of all sorts appear, and the house becomes a woodland elf home. Our daughter collects wooly bear caterpillars by the dozen, brings them in and creates a comfy home for them in a jar full of carrot tops and dill.
Even on the coldest days of winter we are outside, unloading potting soils and other supplies for fields and nursery, walking the fields, breathing the cold crisp air. Dreaming of what’s next for the farm. Spring arrives early for us, even when a foot of snow lies on the ground. By February our nursery shows a tinge of yellow-green as the baby plants emerge: future supper for many veggie-lovers. Early March, or sometimes late February, a sudden breath of warm air excites the farm. Even now as I write I can imagine the scent of snow melting into sloppy mud. The primal pull of nature in Spring surpasses all delights.
As we develop the farm infrastructure to extend our season, this love affair with the outdoors deepens. Over-sized hoop houses and greenhouses have allowed us to start early and finish late. We now feed hundreds of families through our CSA from close to the spring equinox until the winter solstice. Almost three quarters of the year.
While we grow food for our enthusiastic CSA, it is our CSA that feeds us. The livelihood of this family farm depends on the CSA model. While wholesale accounts such as Common Market, Greensgrow and Whole Foods supplement our income, the commitment of our CSA members to consume the bounty of our farm, makes the operation viable. Over the years, now starting in on decades, we have formed relationships with individual members who have stood by us through thick and thin. Our recent Farm-to-Table feast honored 14 members who contributed to our GAP-VIP program. While we enjoyed incredible food straight from the fields, we most of all enjoyed getting to know the people behind the names we see on the weekly boxes.
Even though our Fall Share continues through the week of December 19, today we have launched Early Registration for our Main Season. Please consider joining our CSA early, enabling us to buy supplies at the December 10% discount - a huge savings for our farm.
To all who support our farm, whether in large or small ways, we offer our thanks. Because of you we will continue this love affair with nature, food and the wonderful people who appreciate it.
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