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August 12, 2015
Ragweed Blues
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
Once upon a time I believed that golden rod was the same thing as ragweed. That was before I discovered that ragweed pollen reaches a magnificent height of noxiousness in the air on precisely August 15. Way back then...before my allergies had surfaced. Can I mention that was also before I met the Farmer, and before I lived with him on a farm, and before I ever grew cut-flowers in a big way?
One of the side-effects of farming with sustainable methods, i.e. nixing Roundup, is an abundance of weeds. The Farmer spends a lot time and focus systematically maintaining weed-fee beds of produce and flowers. This work is never done. The edges of our 90 acre farm get a bit out of hand (see photo). Especially during summers with ample moisture. Like this one (see photo again). My point is, ragweed is OUT of hand this year! Six year's ago a blood panel of northeast airborne allergies revealed that the Farmer's Wife's IgE antibodies pretty much freak out when faced with tree and plant pollens. On a scale of 1-3, with 3 being really bad, birch tree,lambs quarter and maple tree are up there. Ragweed, however, registers in its own class at a whopping 156. That's on a scale of 1-3.
Opting for a sustainable, non-toxic way to manage the issue, I simply flee the source and head for the beautiful mountains. This option offers an amazing opportunity to unwind and get a grip on reality. This year, the Farmer is going to join me, for at least a few days. The concept of escaping the summer demands of the farm eluded our brains for many years during the early part of this venture together. In spite of my posture in the photo, I do glimpse the gift my allergies offer. I am also deeply grateful to my late grandfather for having the foresight to cultivate a ragweed haven in Sullivan County for his family.
I will be accessible via email, and some text, but not by phone. If a pick up emergency arises, please contact your site host immediately. Everyone saved their site host contact info, right? If not search your inbox for Welcome Info and you should find the original bulletin with everything you need. You might even find the answer to the question you were about to ask!
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