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June 21, 2015
The Farmer's Daughter - a reprise
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
This is a re-post from last year...lots of new things about these too to write about, but I am enjoying the sweetness of revisiting this post...plus life is a little crazy right now!
Only recently did the Farmer's Daughter identify herself as a "Farm Girl." Since her 5th birthday names have captivated her attention. In addition to Farm Girl, she prefers names like Pinky, Snowflake, Rosie Rose and Flower over her own. She tells me she is going to change her name, and I say okay.
I think Daddies and daughters often have their own special pet names for each other. Punkin Bug, Little Bean, Girl Bugs (after Earl Scruggs banjo player) are some of her favorites. Only he can use these names, along with a special sing-song whistle to announce that he is home.
I love to watch the farming part of this special relationship. Together they harvest beets, wash squash, weed carrots, water the greenhouse. Sometimes she is intimately involved in the chore, eager to learn, and other times she absorbs herself watching a trail of ants on the hill near him, or sitting amongst the fennel, munching fronds. Truly, he is the one who has taught her the best way to eat vegetables, straight from the ground. While she may turn her nose up at a dinner plate of vegetables, she will sit in a row of the very same items and eat platefuls.
At home, their relationship is perhaps more typical, and as sweet as anything I have ever witnessed. One of their favorite past times is to "jam." He on his banjo or guitar and she singing and dancing. In honor of Father's Day am posting a link to an original song that they came up with called "Birdies Fly." May all the Dads and Daughters love each other this much.
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