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March 4, 2017
Herald of Spring
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
The tractor has already been busy. Never ever have we been able to start our field prep so early. Beautiful even rows of brown earth wait for the Farmer, like a blank canvas awaits the artist. In many ways farming is an art and the summer fields become an expression of the passion of the farmer. Nothing feeds his spirit like the miracle of growing food. Every time seeds sprout and thrive, it feels like magic.
In spite of winter-like temps today, the Farmer made the trek to Farmer's market with early greens and radishes from the hoop house. Even on chilly days, which have been scarce, you can now feel the power of the sun again. The birds know it. Chirps, twitters and a flurry of activity remind us that nest building is underway.
If things continue this way, we will be on target for our Spring Share, a 6-week share featuring the priceless first greens. We have set the date for this to start in late April, so stay tuned for all the details.
If you haven't registered for the Main Season, jump in now. We are happy to have you back.
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March 13, 2016
Warm Thoughts
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
The spring peepers started peeping this week. The tractor has begun its work, tilling and amending soil. The triple greenhouse is warm and beckons the first planting. And the birds, well I guess here is my chance to throw out the work “cacophony,” for surely that is descriptive of the racket they are making. And just like the birds, the Farmer and I wake each day earlier and earlier, instinctively preparing for the long days ahead.
A Pennsylvania country spring holds magic for me. I still burst with childish delight when I find the first purple crocus appear amongst the leafy mulch of my garden. Eagerly, I push aside debris and think of little Mary Lennox, in The Secret Garden, doing the same. Then I will sit back on my heels and watch my daughter aptly dig for worms while Robin Redbreast admires her work from a safe distance.
It feels a little odd to have this indulgent warmth so early, but I cannot resist the happiness it fill me with. It also inspires me to plant flowers. 3500 gladiola bulbs, 400 dahlia tubers, several thousand sunflowers…the list goes on. The Farmer, naturally, is thinking vegetables: 60,000 onions, 20,000 heads of lettuce, 4000 tomato plants…you get the idea. How do we get so excited year after year about so much work? The answer lies in the magic of growing things, combined with the ultimate satisfaction of feeding people who love to eat them. That would be you!
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