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July 14, 2016
Sharing the Bounty Helps the Farm
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
Vegetable farming in July is far from easy. The labor required to pick, wash and pack is plenty. Add to that the ongoing planting, weeding, irrigating and soil maintenance and the load can be downright overwhelming. Every season is different and depends largely on the weather and the strength of the crew at hand. We have been blessed this year with favorable weather and a hard-working dependable crew. We have taken this opportunity to apply for GAP certification. This is a third-party audit that ensures that our product is as safe as possible for consumption. The process required us to invest in some costly infrastructure. While we don’t necessarily agree with every measure required, plastic liners in every box for example, we do see many benefits for both the consumer and our employees as well. Employees benefit from higher tech equipment in the wash area, as well as a separate lunch room for comfort and food safety. Our customers can rest easy knowing that their food is as clean and fresh as possible. Well, that is if they know that a) we are GAP certified and b) what the heck that means.
Truly, as we were quite comfortable with the safety of our produce before shelling out thousands of dollars, this hoop was jumped so that we could prove it to customers like Common Market (they require the certification) and Whole Foods (they do not require the certification). Cooperation with both of these big customers provides us with an outlet for surplus items beyond what our hungry CSA consumes, like 200 hundred boxes of summer squash we just happened to have this week.
Still those big customers pay a lot less for item, taking advantage of a wholesale price offered to them. It will take a lot more than 200 boxes of zucchini to pay back the debt incurred by GAP certification. Fortunately we are having an incredibly abundant season, and with a very strong and loyal crew we are ready to invite new members to the second half of our CSA.
Have you been enjoying the bounty of the season? If so, can you think of anyone who might want to give CSA a try? You can help the farm by actively recruiting new members for us. You are our best advertising! We think we have something special to offer that tops other CSA: the opportunity to choose what goes in your box which is then picked and packed the day before you receive it. Local food at it's finest.
Share the food, and the news that we are recruiting. All new members will be prorated for the weeks they missed. We are truly grateful to you for enjoying our produce with enthusiasm and support for our family farm.
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