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January 31, 2017
Intimidated by a Daikon Radish
A Note from the Farmer's Wife
Any chance you have a huge daikon radish in the back of your fridge? I stuffed one in the depths of mine after unpacking my final CSA box in December (yes, the Farmer’s Wife really does sign up for her own CSA share at a massive discount). There it sat for a few weeks, while I pretended it wasn’t there. It is true, I ordered it, but once the gigantic root arrived, I felt intimidated, uncertain how to tackle the beast.
Recently at a friend’s house, I poked around her fridge and saw a familiar sight - a long, whitish green root, tucked along the back wall of the fridge - too big for any crisper, or even a bag for that matter.
"Let’s eat this!” I proclaimed as I wrestled the beast from it’s hiding place. My friend raised dubious eyebrows. “Hmmm…what do we do with it?” Without hesitation I grabbed a big, sharp knife and proceeded to slice about a dozen wafers, 1mm thick and bravely tried the first slice. The flavor was surprising: mild, very similar to our salad turnips that are so popular, and the texture incredibly crisp and juicy.
We artistically arranged a plateful of our new favorite vegetable, grabbed salt, pepper and some delectable “goes-on-to’s” and set it before her family. In less than five minutes the plate was empty, the giant root, now only a green stub, settled into the compost bin.
Now daikon has become my favorite gluten-free “cracker,” a lot more affordable and interesting than those cardboard-like crackers that come in a box.
I love the challenge of eating local foods, even in winter. Now you can make a little room in your fridge too!
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