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Order early produce at the peak of freshness!
Farm Stand products are available most weeks during the growing season. Pick up is typically Mondays, from 3 pm to 8 pm. Produce will be packed before your arrival for your convenience and safety. The order window usually opens on Friday morning and closes on Sunday at noon.
Philly Foodworks
Through our partnership with Philly Foodworks, we share our products throughout the greater Philadelphia area.
A portion of your Philly Foodworks order will support Red Earth Farm. Use the coupon code REDEARTH1 to receive a $15 discount on your first order.
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Family-owned and operated since 2006, Red Earth Farm is a proud grower of fresh, nutritious vegetables.
Growing Methods
Our top priority at Red Earth Farm is to produce a large diversity of quality vegetables thoughout the growing season. We wish to do this while remaining good stewards of our land so that we may pass it on to future generations in better condition than we received it.
Our farm practices reflect these two objectives. Although we are not certified organic we use primarily certified organic techniques, making exceptions in cases such as potential significant crop loss, as in tomato blight. We use no synthetic pesticides or herbicides on our farm. We hope that by conscientious and thoughtful management of our farm we will be bringing fresh, dependable food to the people of our region for many years to come.
🥬❤️from Michael (the Farmer), Charis (the Farmer's Wife), and family